Beyond the Avatar

Where Will We Go From Here?

I have seen a terrible and awesome truth.

Few will understand.

It looks bad; really bad, until I look beyond what is being spoon fed in constant and relentless streams.

There I find glimpses of reality.

Beyond the virtual worlds where our “avatar” self is a ruthless villain who spews hateful words without regard.

But I can see beyond.

The hateful villain is merely a frail, vulnerable human who needs and seeks the love, acceptance, and warmth of other humans.

In reality, there is empathy and sympathy far beyond what is given in the virtual condemnation world.

Yes, if you choose to do the work, peel off The ever increasing and ever-thickening masks we are positive that we are not entombed in, then there, you will find the human.

Humans are lovely

The human is lovely and pathetic; beautiful but evil if you hurt it.

The human is cowardly but capable of courageous acts of love and mercy when properly motivated.

We must “see”.

We must not be moved by the flow of soul-poisoning propaganda.

We must remain human.

We are not the same. We have never been. It’s alright.

Let us rejoice in the lack of our “sameness”.

Let us be united in our lack of unity.

Let love, kindness, meekness, yes and self-control bring forth freedom of the soul.

May our hearts remember who we are beyond the “avatar”

One Comment Add yours

  1. Matt Parker says:

    But, but, but I like my Avatar …


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