Beyond the Border

If You Only Knew; I Believe You Would Have Compassion

Tiny shriveled legs dangle lifelessly from a modified stroller that five-year-old Jose uses for mobility. His condition is unknown because it will cost five thousand pesos to undergo his first round of tests.

His smile is intoxicating as he reaches out with a tremendous effort to give a proper Mexican greeting to the gringa visiting his village.

A Heartbreaking Revelation

It doesn’t matter how many times I see this type of tragedy, It shocks my sensibilities and I am heartbroken again.

I am in Tamaulipas. It is on the top of the “Do not travel here” list. There will be no medical teams passing through San Vicente De Palmillas.

It is almost impossible for Jose’s mother to get her son the medical attention he needs.

I brought a friend with me this time. She is a nurse. She breaks down because she can do nothing for him.

We are isolated from equipment and technology by treacherous mountain passes, threats of violence, and countless other difficulties.

I stare into Jose’s eyes and wonder what he might be thinking. He must be frightened but as we lift him out of the stroller to see how tall he is, he lays his head on my shoulder as Jenifer, the nurse measures him.

She then cradles him for the purpose of guessing his weight. He nestles snuggly into the crook of her neck. She can’t hold back the tears as she gently rocks him, and prays.

We are absolutely wrecked by Jose and his dilemma. Without words, Jenifer and I both began calculating his size for a wheelchair that we knew we were going to bring back for him.

Never Enough

Having raised only a small fraction of the funds needed for the current trip, I was not feeling optimistic about raising more. But I know that I will try.

Upon returning home I quickly began to reach out to anyone and everyone. I created a Go Fund Me Campaign for Jose.

The wheelchair was donated immediately by a close friend who had a similar struggle with his sweet daughter.

I am planning to take it next week and am trusting God that maybe the money will be there to take Jose and his mother to the city for diagnosis and treatment.

“You can choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know”

William Wilberforce

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  1. So tragic. Thank you for doing your part. If we could all have a little more compassion. Fear is the greatest evil

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