I Agree With the Jussie Smollett Decision

I am Conservative and I Approve This Message

What Jussie Smollett did is unconscionable and lower than a snake’s belly, but as far as punishment according to our laws, I think it is probably appropriate.

I believe that dropping charges and community service hours might truly have been an outcome for any idiot who would have attempted the same garbage.

The real unfortunate situation, in this case, is the media’s immediate frothing at the mouth to exploit and mishandle sensitive information.

They knew that publishing and sensationalizing an unsubstantiated story of a hate crime would incite anger and further the racial and political polarization that is growing.

Don’t Be a Big Mouth Frog and You Won’t Look Stupid

The media was only outraged in this situation because they were made to look like the “Big Mouth Frogs” that they are. Back in the day, they were called tale bearers. Nobody likes being made a fool.

CNN used to be my go-to source for worldwide events, I can’t even take them seriously anymore. I have the same opinion of the other organizations. I miss the amazing worldwide journalism and photography of CNN the most.

Now and then, after reading about a volcanic eruption happening in Nicaragua on my social media by friends living in the country, I will have an attack of stupidity and check to see if there is anything about it on CNN.

There isn’t. Maybe there is but I will have to first scroll through pages of Junior High-Level Sqabling to even get to any news that isn’t motivated by some sort of political propaganda.

I wade through a few articles of half-truths, sort of true’s, and total bull shit, and find nothing like what used to be there.

Being a news junkie is not fun anymore. I am going to find a new love.

I hate what Jussie Smollett did to further the divide in our nation, but throwing him and others who hurt our feelings or offend us in prison, isn’t quite a punishment that fits the crime.

The public humiliation, huge fine by the city, and community service seem pretty just. I believe in this instance, the system worked. Now, if only we can interpret the laws justly for all political and religious views — I think there used to be a place like that.

View the timeline of the case here

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